Short-timed workouts for great strength and endurance

highaltitudekbswingsIn a recent survey one of the questions was, “What is the roadblock keeping you from getting super strength/endurance?” Almost 50% of the huge response we received said they just didn’t have enough time.

Here are two tips on getting great results quickly, when you only have a very limited training time.

First, keep it simple!

Realize first, you only need the bare essentials. Most training info available will lead you to believe you need to do a ton of exercises to get any results. Dead wrong. Most people will actually get better results by doing a very limited routine. Think one exercise per movement pattern.

For most people as well as the greatest effect that’s going to boil down to some type of squat, some type of deadlift or pull, a type of row or chin and some type of press. Notice I didn’t say muscle or muscle group.

When I made my all time best squat do you know you many exercises I was doing for the squat? One. Progressive distance partial to full squats. That’s it. Do you know how long most of the squat training session took me to do? Ten minutes, start to finish.  My best ever bench press came from a similar program that had two exercises and took about ten minutes.

You can get super strong in very little training time.

Second, you do not have to burn out repetitions!

You don’t need a lot of volume if you make training hard enough and you don’t need a lot of volume for strength except in special situations. Both of the routines mentioned above that led me to my all time best in those lifts only contained five to eight sets total and most of those were single reps and only one or two were “heavy” or max weight or effort.  The rest was warm up/technical practice.

Even most heavy competitive lifters rarely exceed more than one or two sets for low reps with over 90% of maximum weight. Even the West Side style of training which is known for pretty big volume can be done fast. In fact the percentage/ speed sets they get much of that volume from, is supposed to be done at a very fast pace with very short rest periods. Their 8×3 with 60% workout shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to do.

Most lifters across most of the strength disciplines, especially reaching back in time and toward the drug free trainers, rarely do a big number of truly heavy sets. Bodybuilding is an exception, because it is often seeking a different type of muscle growth.  Olympic lifting in the modern incarnation is an exception as well, because of the skill building requirements.

I could cite numerous examples such as Ed Coan, Doug Furnas, Mark Challeit, Tommy Kono, Hugh Cassidy, Marty Gallagher and many more. The “meat” of your workouts are those one or two heavy/hard sets per exercise (for strength), everything else is warm up/practice.

More tips coming up…

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