How do I start for building strength and endurance – Part 3

get_stronger_endurance_part3In part two of this three part series on where you begin in your training to gain super strength and endurance at the same time we covered the following openers:

  • Knowing your individual strength style
  • Keeping things simple
  • Creating a “Yard Stick,” by which to measure your starting strength as you build gains
  • Creating a “Yard Stick,” by which to measure your starting endurance levels as you build gains

Let’s move on in getting started on your journey to super strength and endurance.

These are the next series of questions you need to answer as you build the perfect training manifesto to achieve those training goals:

  • How much time do I have available for training?
  • How long per session and how many days a week?
  • What else do I do or have in my life that affects training? (i.e. martial arts four days a week, or work 18 hour days, or new baby/wife/house/job, etc)
  • What will I need to do to balance all this?

As an example – let’s say the following applies to your answers:

Your plan must encompass that you do grappling three days a week, work 50 hours and have time for one 30-minute session on Wednesdays and a longer (hour to hour and a half) session on Saturdays. You have (and know reasonably how to use), a couple of kettlebells, a sand bag, a power rack and barbell with plenty of weight (for now until you outgrow it).  You think it’s important to squat 500lbs and can do 350 right now. You want to do 1000 swings with a 24kg kettlebell and you can do 400 right now. You’ve gotten used to the exercises and training volume/recovery.

So what now?

Well, you have clear parameters (2 workouts a week, etc) and clear goals (move squats from 350lbs to 500lbs, along with more KB swings moving from 400 reps to 1000). Start with the most straight forward plan and then add to it only when it stops working.

An example would be something like:

  1. Do each lift once a week for five progressively heavier sets of low reps to a max for the day.
  2. Add a little weight each week. If it doesn’t add one week, relax, it probably will the next.
  3. If it doesn’t for 3 weeks or more, rest and restart.
  4. If you have an extended stall, then you can start adding more advanced techniques for your heavy work or simply add in one thing at a time as you complete a 6-8 week training block. (i.e., max partials, or progressive distance partials, etc.) Details on Partials Training can be found in the DVD here.

Personally, I organize training by priority. For instance – The exercise you want to improve most should usually be early in the workout and on a training day that provides you with the most recovery. Hopefully you can see that by asking and answering these questions, you’re following a logical progression to establishing the path to your best workout considering your life and your goals.

Your clear plan of attack!

For a general pattern you want to work each movement pattern heavy once a week. Add to that at least one strongman movement (which can be an overlap or replacement to barbells), and one intense interval conditioning workout along with one extended “long strength” muscle cardio workout.  You now have a full package.

Fitting within the example framework we’ve built from answering the sample questions you could do something like this:

Day 1: 30 minutes

  • Deadlift 1×5
  • 5×1 – Heavy sandbag shoulder x 10 singles
  • 15 minutes mix light sandbag clean and press, sprawl, 2 hand kb swing for intense intervals
  • Finish with 2-3 sets wrist roller

Day 2: 1-1/2 hours

  • Squat 1-2×10, 5×1
  • Press 1×10, 5×1
  • Row 1×10, 5×1-5
  • KB continuous swing for the rest of your time or prescribed reps for the day building to your goal.

This is just one example of how to put it together that will fit the bill for this particular start into strength and endurance. Remember, this is just a template.  All of the ideas behind developing these templates can be found in much more detail in Maximum Functional MassIt’s important to answer all the questions for yourself through this series so you can develop your own plan of attack and achieve your goals of developing super strength and phenomenal endurance together.

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