Strongman’s got nothin’ on JiuJitsu

noah_assistSometimes in this world we need a spotter.  We need someone there who has our back.  Someone we know we can count on.  That person who through thick and thin, come hell or high water is always there to catch, no matter how ridiculous your antics were.



Normally Noah is that person for me.  My son is the solid, reputable, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy you can count on in a pinch.  Have a problem?  Ask Noah.  Need help?  Call Noah.  Water’s rising and you have to sandbag the farm?  Text Noah.  Jack Black is insisting you join his School of Rock band?  Raise the amp’s volume and Morse code Noah.  He’ll helicopter drop in with his Fender on his back ready to bail you out.

My point is – In need – Noah’s your man.

So there I was – 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon trying to do a handstand to walk down back bend off the barn.  The distance I needed to be from the barn to get the depth on the back bend also meant, the walk back up might leave me too far from the wall to kick back over.

“Noah? Ya busy?  I need you to spot me.”

I explain my intention and tell him, “At the top of the walk up, I may need you to spot me by giving my leg a gentle nudge so I can flip back over. Got it?”

He nodded.

The first three attempts I don’t need him, because I was close enough it wasn’t an issue, but I wasn’t satisfied with the depth.  The fourth time through he’s now somewhat distracted and thinking he’s really not needed for this endeavor.  I walk down the wall, get the depth I wanted, walk my feet back up, and about to kick over when I realize, I’m too far from the wall to get the extension to kick over.

Holding some lovely water ballet looking position I’m waiting for his assistance… and waiting…. and waiting some more.  I can’t go forward and I can’t go back.  I manage to say, “I need help!”

Noah says, “Huh?  OH!”

Then suddenly his grappling skills took hold of his mind, he shot in on my legs, and just dumped me over sideways like a dead fish.  That really wasn’t what I meant, son.

Through our laughter, Noah’s final comment is, “I guess that wasn’t much help.”

It’s one of the great things that happens when I get to train with my son, we have fun.  We laugh.  It wasn’t a big deal and I wasn’t in any mortal danger, but it was funny and we had a good time.  That’s how your training should be.  Yes, it’s good to have an intense work ethic and attitude, but you have to leave room to be joyful and be able to laugh at yourself.

Throwing in feats, implements and challenges that are out of the norm, outside of the gym, adventurous, and seem beyond your reach are a great way to find out new things about yourself.  Skills you didn’t know you had and passion for a new goal or dream.  The bonus is, the entire time time you’re building health, strength, mental awareness and endurance!

Go for Unconventional and try something new in your training regardless of your stage in the game!  You may just surprise yourself – or at least your spotter might.


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